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Chapter 3

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Geography 2010A/B
Suzanne Greaves

Aboriginal peoples: all Canadian whose ancestors lived in Canada before the arrival of Europeans; includes status and non-status Indians, metis, and Inuit Big Bear: the last of the great chiefs, who had a vision to unite the Plains Cree to stand together against the impending wave of settlers and to find a way to sustain their culture Chateau Clique: the political elite of Lower Canada, composed of an alliance of officials and merchants who had considerable political influence Comprehensive land-claim agreement: agreement based on territory claimed by aboriginal peoples that was never ceded or surrendered by treaty Culture areas: regions within which the population has a common set of attitudes, economic and social practices, and values Family compact: a group of officials who dominated senior bureaucratic positions, the executive and legislative councils, and the judiciary in Upper Canada First Nations people: by statistics Canada definition, those aboriginal persons who report a single response of ‘North American Indian’ to the Aboriginal identity census question Inuit: people descended from the Thule, who migrated into Canada’s Arctic from Alaska about 1000 years ago. Do not fall under Indian Act, but under Constitution Act Loyalists: colonists who supported the British during the American Revolution Metis: people of m
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