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Geography 2010A/B
Suzanne Greaves

Geo NotesNov12Western MountainsBCThe physiographic region the Cordillera is found in most of BC while the interior plains occupies a small part of the NE corner The southern half of BC has access to the pacific but the Alaska panhandle blocks sea access for the northern half BCs economy is based on its natural resources Its scenery is important for the tourist industry It has expanding knowledgebased industries BCs four main exports are lumber pulp natural gas and coal and most exports go to the US Prince Rupert is second behind Vancouver in terms of importance for international shipping The BCABSK trade investment and labour mobility agreement shows that BC is interested in promoting trade with Western Canadas provinces This agreement gives businesses and workers greater access to opportunities across all sectors BCs population and GDP are high BCs population has become more diverse with increased immigration from Asia There is also an increasing aboriginal population The centralistdecentralist faultline is ongoing with BC wanting more political power Cascadia is a proposed independent sovereign state which would include BC Washington and Oregon The aboriginalnonaboriginal faultline is also present in BC with aboriginals demanding more power through landclaim agreements The western mountains are a physiographic region and it includes a little bit of AB and excludes part of northeast BC this part of BC doesnt have a lot in the way of agricultural land BC is a political unit and it includes the western mountain belt plus a part of the interior plains The western mountains is a growing heartland and is a competitor for ONQC It has a rapidly growing population especially the southwest corner from immigration It is a staple hinterland with mining fishing and forestry Forestry is the characteristic resource activity just like fish was to Atl Canada Japan has had an influence and there is concern over the control of foreign countries on resources There has been an Asian influence in this regionthe Asian community is growing in BC There have been land claims Nass river This region has a temperate rainforest due to the mountains The mountains provide outdoor recreation but they are also obstacles to eastwest transportation because they are oriented northsouth General physiography of the western mountains There are NWSE trending mountain chains on the east and the west There are mountain complexes to the north and to the south There is an interior central plateau There are plains in the NE corner flat topography The rocky mountains are only on the eastern side The coast mountains are on the western side The insular mountains have created Vancouver island and the Queen Charlotte islands The kootenay cascade and Columbia mountains are located in the south Most of BC is in the cordillera The cordillera was formed by folding and faulting of sedimentary rocks This coastal zone is subject to earthquakes because of tectonic movement There is little arable land in the cordillera The most arable land within the cordillera is in the Fraser valley and the Okanagan and Thompson valleys With urban developments there have been problems with loss of agricultural land BC introduced the land commission act in 1973 and this act formed the provincial agricultural land agreement which is responsible for preserving agricultural land from urban development and encouraging farm businessesBC has two climatic zonespacific and cordillera Orographic precipitation has resulted in a wet coast and a dry interior Winters are mild and summers are warm on the coast Summers in the interior plateau are warmer and dry Most rain falls in the winter The pineapple express which originates over the warm waters around Hawaii brings torrential rain and warm weather in the winter to areas on the coast while those inland receive heavy snowfall The pacific coast of BC has the most temperate climate in Canada Victoria receives less rainfall than Vancouver because it is in the rain shadow of the insular mountains
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