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Chapter 9

Geography 2122A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Photographic Film, Color Depth, Digital Mapping

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GEOG 2122A/B
Micha Pazner

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Color is tri-barriers
Color has 3 dimensions.
In-order to nail down a specific color numerically, it requires 3 numbers.
Color can be thought of as 3D object
Colours to use for Lab:
- Grey is very versatile color. Shades of grey.
- Use colors found in nation
Image Maps
- remote sending: collecting images fo the eearth from a distance
- Observing feature in the environment using films or instruments (sensors)
that are sensitive to the energy emitted or reflected from objects
- Aerial Photography
- Orthophotos and Orthophotomaps
Image Maps: Aerial Photography
- Aerial photography: the image which is taken from above he ground with a
- Near-ultraviolet to near-infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum
- Platform: the vessels, crafts or instruments from which the images are taken
- For mapping two kinds of camera are in use:
o Film camera (aerial mapping cameras)
o Digital mapping camera
- Aerial Mapping cameras:
o Produce individual pictures called frames (9-inch by 9-nich films)
o Uses complex lenses to minimize geographical distortaion
o Mapping cameras are mounted on a gyrostabilizer
- Digital mapping cameras:
o Record picture electronically
o Instead of photographic Film, they use CCD
- To obstain large-Scale areal photos
o The aircraft at around10,000ft above the ground along flight line.
(highly detailed)
o The path that aircraft follows is called flight lines
- Sidelap is only 20-30% is for stereo-viewing
- Types of aerial photography:
o Black-and-white photography
Use a film that records electromagnetic radiation in the visible
Need UV haze filter to be placed over the camera lens to
increase the clarity of the photo
o True-color photography
Color films cost more and its more epxensive to develop
More accurate to identify objects
o Color infrared photography
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