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Livingstone notes

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Geography 2142A/B
Mireya Folch- Serra

Livingstone US supported dictators undermined elected government and colluded with authoritarian governments to repress dissent in Latin Americashowed that the US regarded all reformers as the threat to its economic and military hegemony in the region Truman doctrine 1947 containment the US was willing to take action anywhere in the world to prevent the spread of Soviet Communism Rio Treaty 1947 American nations sign military pact agreeing to defend each other from attack and to confer before taking action when faced by a fact or situation that might endanger peace of AmericaLatin nations limited their own room for manoeuvre confer with the US before UN Growth of the left in Latin America was part of much wider movement towards democracy as the middle class and urban working class demanded greater participation in national affairsnot so much due to Soviet influence As dictators fell between 194546 America feared instability US gave military assistance and diplomatic recognition to military regimes in Latin America it is better to have strong regime in power than a liberal one if it is indulgent and relaxed and penetrated by communismby aligning with US authoritarian regimes began an onslaught against communists left wing activists and trade unionslabour attaches from US were appointed to embassies in
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