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Chapter 14

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Geography 2153A/B
Jamie Baxter

Chapter 14: Meeting Environmental Challenges INDUSTRY: -Extended Producer Responsibility -include environmental costs in the price of goods and services -referred to the most frequently in context of waste management – but applies to a cradle to grave costs of products -The Ontario Tire Stewardship Program is funded by manufacturers to pay for the true cost of tires.. the cost of course is passed on to consumers so that we pay something that is closer to the true cost of tires – this is including environmental costs GOVERNMENT: -legislative and regulatory responsibilities -FEDERAL: has constitutional responsibilities – set standards through Canadian Environmental Protection Act and Fisheries Act – create and facilitate international agreements like Kyoto or EEZ for fishing – bring together stakeholders (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment) – Canadian Environmental Assessment Act of 2012 -PROVINCIAL: regulation and enforcement of most resource management (TAC, forestry, mining); environmental protection legislation (Ontario Environmental Protection Act), Environmental Assessment (Ontario Environmental Assessment Act) -Ontario Environmental Protection Act: the offence provisions of the Environmental Protection Act are similar to those of the Ontario Water Resource Act – individuals are liable to a fine of not more than 10,000 for each day of the offence continues on the first conviction and 25,000 per day for subsequent convictions plus jail time for not more than one year, the fine for corporations is 2000- 100,000
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