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Chapter 8

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Geography 2430A/B
Michael Buzzelli

Geography 2430A Public Health and the Environment Chapter 8 Water Quality and Health Waterborne DiseasesCholera is a disease caused by the ingestion of a bacterium vibrio cholera present in water contaminated by fecal matterSymptoms are massive loss of water and salts leading to watery diarrheaJohn Snow and Robert Kochs research on the link between cholera and contaminated water played a major role in producing the sanitary reforms that helped control the disease in the developed worldStill a major cause of mortality across the globeResides in the gut of apparently health individuals who may be traveling widely it can spread via other transport routesMalnutrition contributes to a predisposition to cholera since the bodys defense mechanisms are weakenedIt is the poorest countries that remain greatly impactedThe disease is socially patterned with betteroff families having lower disease incidenceHigher incidence has been reported close to a hospital dealing with the disease since local residents have used canal water polluted by effluent discharge by the hospital into the canalIt is
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