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Geography 3432A/B
Jamie Baxter

BuiltEnvironmentandSocialcapitalWhat is social capitalSocial networks and interactions that inspire trust and reciprocity among citizensIndividuals with high levels of social capital tend to be involved politically to volunteer in their communities and to get together more frequently with friends and neighborsoalso more likely to trust or to think kindly of othersFactors associated with the decline of social capital include pressures of time and money on families long commutes television usage and generational changeoMany of these factors appear to be related to suburbanizationIn research problematic to measure social capital in an area because summing up individuals perception of trust may be confounded by characteristics of people choosing to live in a placeoie People that trust other people want to live in areas in close proximity to other peopleWhy the relationship between social capital health and the built environment is important to understandsocialcapitalhasbeenlinkedwithgoodhealthproperfunctioningofdemocracypreventionofcrimeandenhancedeconomicdevelopmenthealthvariationsexistacrossgeographicalareasInterestedinunderstandingwhethertherearevariationsacrossgeographicalareasinsocialcapitalandinwellbeingofresidentsduetothebuiltenvironmentoforexampledoescardependentsprawlcontributetoincreasedobesityratesinchildrenwhoaredrivenbybusorprivatevehicleDoesitcontributetosocialisolationthatnegativelyaffectsthehealthofseniorsWALES STUDY PERCEPTIONS OF SOCIAL CAPITAL AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND MENTAL HEALTHGAPS ADDRESSEDPrevious studies failed to find statistically significant relationships between social capital and common mental illnesses across neighbourhoods oHowever this might be due to difference in sampling designs measures of social capital and mental health and different
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