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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Summarized MOS2181

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Peter Krats

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Chapter 1 – Organizational Behaviour and Management
What are Organizations?
Organizations: Social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort
Social Inventions
-The field of organizational behaviour is about understanding people and managing them to work
Goal Accomplishment
-The field of organizational behaviour is concerned with how organizations can survive and adapt
to change
-Survival and Adaption necessities: Motivation to join/remain in the organization, reliability in
terms of production, quality and service, willing to continuously learn/upgrade their knowledge
and be flexible and innovative
Group Effort
-The field of organizational behaviour is concerned with how to get people to practise effective
What is Organizational Behaviour?
Organizational Behaviour: The attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizations (how
it is structured and how external events affect it, how satisfied people are with their jobs, how committed
they feel to the goals of the organization or how supportive they are of promoting women/minorities)
-Conflict, innovation,
Human Resources Management: Programs, practices, and systems to acquire, develop, and retain
employees in organizations (recruitment, compensation, training and development)
Why Study Organizational Behaviour?
Organizational Behaviour is Interesting
Organizational Behaviour is Important
Organizational Behaviour Makes a Difference
-Human capital is strongly related to and a key determinant of firm performance
How Much Do You Know About Organizational Behaviour?
-Pay is not always the most effective way to motivate workers and improve job performance
Goals of Organizational Behaviour
-Effectively predicting, explaining and managing behaviours in organizations (these are two very
different things)
Predicting Organizational Behaviour
Explaining Organizational Behaviour
-The reasons why people quit (could change over time)
Managing Organizational Behaviour
Management: The art of getting things accomplished in organizations through others
Evidence-Based Management: Translating principles based on the best scientific evidence into
organizational practices
Early Prescriptions Concerning Management
The Classical View and Bureaucracy
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