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History 2403E Chapter Notes -Bisexuality, Lignum Vitae

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HIS 2403E
Sara Morrison

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Autobiography of Benevento Cellini Tutorial
Arrogant and egotistical
Rarely admits he is at fault and isn‟t afraid of giving self-applause or self-assertion.
A lot of the dialogue of others seems to praise him and his abilities
His work (vases, sketches, music) are often described as perfect or more beautiful than
any other artist‟s work
Quote: “I took pity on him not for his talents or his love of my native home but because I
am kind hearted.”
Loves things of beauty
Often talks about the beauty of both men and women, particularly young men (hinting at
bisexuality possibly)
Fixation of the beauty of the human form drove him to recreate it in his art
Creates beautiful things; he is always surrounded by these objects
Close to his father (played him music even though he hated it)
His siblings are not mentioned too often
Apprentices with well-known artists of the time
Invited to supper by Michelangelo
Has connections with high up people (Dukes, artists, Popes, Kings, Cardinals, lords)
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