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Chapter 2

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History 2301E
Geoff Stewart

Puritanism is used to define those that were not satisfied with the progress of the Protestant Reformation in England. was not just a set of ideas but a state of mind: Pequot War: armed conflict spanning the years hundreds were killed (700 Pequots; men, women and pursuing the true faith and alienating those with children); hundreds more were captured and sold into 1637-1638; between the Pequot tribe against an slavery to the West Indies. Pequot tribe was almost entirely different religious views. alliance of the Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth and eliminated. Saybrook colonies aided by Native American liberty meant that the elect had a right to Puritans Irony (Religious Freedoms) allies. cause of war: existing political tensions; Pequot killed an establish churches and govern society, not that Puritans came to America in search of liberty; English fur-trader (presuming he was Dutch). others could challenger their beliefs or authority. most notably, the right to worship and govern themselves in what they deemed to be a truly Christian manner. 150 pilgrims arrived in September 1620; via the Mayflower entrepreneurs could make fortunes, religious Pilgrims: Puritan Separatists who broke not all pilgrims were Puritans minor its could worship without governmental completely with the Church of England and sailed interference and aristocrats could re-create to the New World aboard the Mayflower, established Plymouth at the site of an abandoned Indian those that did survive only did so with the help of local Indians. feudalism. founding Plymouth Colony on Cape Cod in 1620. village whose fields were ready for cultivation. Arrived 6 Reasons to Immigrate to U.S. weeks before winter without food or farm animals; half died during the first winter. land was immediately and readily available All land was held in common until 1627, when it was Themes divided among the settlers. Plymouth survived as an independent colony until 1691. Governed by: John Smith Concepts of Land Use 1607 English settlers believed that land was the basis Puritans: English religious group that sought to Sponsored by the Virginia Company purify the Church of England; founded the (Pilgrims) of liberty; owning land gave men control over Anglican Massachusetts their own labour and the right to vote. Massachusetts Bay Colony under John Winthrop in 1630 carefully emulated the family structure of England; insisted "women achieved genuine freedom by fulfilling her on the obedience of women, children, and servants to 1620 land was a source of great wealth, however was men's will - yet spiritual equals. Women could hold prescribed social role and embracing 'subjection to her worthless without labour. the property owners positions of power within the church, but not within the husband's authority'" Sponsored by: English investors home. Virginia themselves did not often choose to work their land, or had too much to do so, and required a typical woman married at 22 and reared 7 children. Governed by: William Bradford servants or slaves to make such land profitable. Pilgrims (Puritan Separatists) single persons were considered a threat to social fabric. nomadic Indians vs. permanent colonialists headlight system: where 50 acres of land were awarded to 1630 Virginia Company: a private business slowly came to realize that in order for the colony to any colonist who paid for his own or another's passage. Sponsor: Massachusetts Bay Company survive, search for gold would have to be abandoned and Therefore, anyone with many servants would immediately Plymouth Places (Early Colonial British Settlements) organization whose shareholders included acquire a large estate.
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