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Elaine Breslaw: Tituba’s Confession: The Multicultural Dimensions of the 1692 Salem Witch-Hunt

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Western University
History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

What is the argument of the article and what evidence did the author use to make it y Rejects the idea that Tituba was not AfricanAmerican probably Native or Creole or was involved in occult activities prior to February 1692 y Stresses the multiethnic factors in her behaviour and influence of her American Indian background What kind of conception of a witch emerged after Tituba produced her confession y Confirmed the fears of a conspiracy by Satany First to implicate others outside the Salem community and to suggest that men and members of the elite were part of the conspiracy y Her credibility and Salem audience enhanced because she was a Native who the Europeans had long associated with demonic powers How did the Puritan view of evil contrast or compare with Titubas view y Puritans always had associated the natives with some form of demonic powers Given the variety of accounts that Tituba offers of demonic practices and powers
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