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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Jeffersonianism & The Era of Good Feelings: 1801-1824

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Chapter 8JeffersonianismThe Era of Good Feelings 18011824 I The Age of Jefferson y Did not believe that blacks and whites could live permanently sidebyside y Feared a race war that could only be suppressed by a dictator y Advocated that state governments retain great authority because they were immediately responsive to popular will y Popular liberty required popular virtue y Jeffersons Revolution o Described his election as a revolution sough to restore the liberty and tranquility to the USA o Rejected Hamiltons idea that debt strengthened the government o Federal economy outweighed the importance of military preparedness o Ready to sue the navy to gain respect for the American flag y JeffersonThe Judiciary o Reminded Americans that they agreed on far more than they disagreed o Judiciary Act 1801 reduced size of the Supreme Court and created 16 new federal judgeships o Marbury vs Madison Supreme Court decision that set the framework for judicial review ruled Congress had exceeded its constitutional authority in writing the Judiciary Act o Judicial Review principle that Supreme Court can review and reject measures passed by Congress accepted by Jefferson o Constitution specified that judges could be impeached only for treason bribery and high crimes and misdemeanorsAcquittal of Chase and Pickering ended Jeffersons skirmishes with the judiciary y The Louisiana Purchase o Jefferson appalled by the return of Louisiana territory to France under control of Napoleon o Napoleonic France posed a real danger to America sandwiched USA between French Louisiana and British Canada o Most worried about New Orleans o Combination of Frances failure in Santo Domingo and the termination of the American rights in New Orleans led Jefferson to purchase Louisiana o Napoleon concluded North America and the Caribbean were not worth the trouble o Doubled the size of USA y Election 1804 overwhelming victory for Jefferson federalists only won 2 states y Lewis and Clark Expedition o Louisiana both a bargain and a surprise package
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