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Western University
History 2403E
Sara Morrison

Autobiography of Benevento Cellini Tutorial Character:  Arrogant and egotistical  Rarely admits he is at fault and isn‟t afraid of giving self-applause or self-assertion.  A lot of the dialogue of others seems to praise him and his abilities  His work (vases, sketches, music) are often described as perfect or more beautiful than any other artist‟s work  Quote: “I took pity on him not for his talents or his love of my native home but because I am kind hearted.”  Loves things of beauty  Often talks about the beauty of both men and women, particularly young men (hinting at bisexuality possibly)  Fixation of the beauty of the human form drove him to recreate it in his art  Creates beautiful things; he is always surrounded by these objects  Family  Close to his father (played him music even though he hated it)  His siblings are not mentioned too often  Society  Apprentices with well-known artists of the time  Invited to supper by Michelangelo  Has connections with high up people (Dukes, artists, Popes, Kings, Cardinals, lords) Violence:  Banished from Florence for a while for his role in a brawl  Use of swords and fists more common than words and reason when dealing with fights  Kill first and ask questions later  Takes confrontation and law into own hands  Quote: “You‟re as good as dead
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