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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - The Manchu Conquest

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Western University
History 2601E
James Flath

Chapter 2 Notes - The Manchu Conquest (Spence) - decline of the Ming, rise of the Qing - the Manchus (originally tribes of Jurchen stock) lived in areas now known as Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces - Nurhaci ordered males to shave the fronts of their foreheads and braid their hair into long pigtails - some Chinese held warm welcomes for Nurhaci and his troops, while others attempted to poison the wells - led to tension - the Jurchen were allowed to bring weapons as a means of protection - the Chinese were forbidden to do the same or else face consequences - Nurhaci passed away with no one in particular to take his place - his 8th son, Hong Taiji, was helped to power by Chinese advisors and therefore took more of a favourable view with them - Hong Taiji passed away suddenly, leaving brother (5 years old) in power - Li Zichend led his army out of Peking and attacked General Wu Sangui (seen as the last defender of the Ming) - Li rallied the 5 year old's troop, the Manchu, Mongol, and Chinese in China - Li enthroned the boy emperor in the Forbidden City - the Manchus formally claim mandate to heaven to rule China - Zhang Xianzhong was the second major rebel leader - inflicted terrible punishments on anyone he believed was trying to betray him in Si
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