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Textbook Notes for Sharon Regan

WESTERNHS 3400A/BSharon ReganWinter

Chapter 2 - Agenda Setting.docx

OC175544 Page
5 Mar 2013
The process by which gov"t decide which issues need their attention. Public managers tackle these and other defects in agenda settings leading to impro
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WESTERNHS 3400A/BSharon ReganFall

Health Sciences 3400A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Health Policy, Apache Solr, Epistemic Community

OC3374723 Page
21 Oct 2014
Actor- any participant in policy process that affects it (incl. individuals, organizations, groups, gov"t etc. ) Content- substance of a particular pol
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WESTERNHS 3400A/BSharon ReganFall

Health Policy - Chapter 2 Note.docx

OC36608710 Page
5 Jan 2015
King: people conform as a part of every day life and as consequence of, traditional authority doing things. socialization, charismatic authority, based
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