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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 on Weight Management

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Bert Carron

3 types of body fat Chapter 4 Obesity and Weight 1 Subcutaneous fatfat located just Management beneath the skin protect from disease critical for normal body functioning Stigmaa set of negative and often unfair beliefs that a accumulation represents normal society or group of people have about something physiological buffer for excess energy Overweightbody weight falls above the intake 80 body fat on this area recommended range for good health 2 Visceral fatfat embedded within the mesentery tissue that connects Obesitythe condition of having an excess of intestines to back of abdominal wall nonessential body fat having a body mass index of 30 surrounding the abdominal organs or greater or having a percent body fat greater than linked to CVD insulin resistance about 25 for men and 33 for women metabolic syndrome 1020 fat in men and 58 in women increasing with agelinked to many chronic diseases including 3 Ectopic fatfat located on or within hypertension type 2 diabetes CV disease organs increases risk for metabolic osteoarthritis and certain types of cancer syndrome heart disease strokeIn 2012 413 of Canadian men and 269 of women were classified as overweight Percent Body Fat of total body weight composed of19 of men and 18 of women were classified fat as obeseCombined rates have remained stable since Positive energy balancetaking in more calories that 2010 your body burns excess calories stored as fat leading to65 SELF REPORT as overweight 15 as obese weight gain of obese adults doubled from 19782004Energy in food caloriesBy 2021 70 males and 50 females will beEnergy out overweightPhysical activity 203055 million Canadians have BMI 30 obeseFood digestion1027 million BMI 40 morbidly obeseResting metabolism 6570Canadian women 2x likely as men to be morbidly obese Evaluating Body WeightComposition Childhood Obesity 1 Height Weight ChartsList a range of ideal body weightsCanadian children have become more associated with lowest mortality for overweight and obese people of a particular sex age height517yr olds198 overweight 117 obeseCan be highly inaccurate providing only compared to total of 15 in 1978 indirect measure of body fatLinked to insulin resistance type 2 DM 2 Body Mass Index BMI discrimination and emotional well beingA measure of relative body weight that85 type 2 DM children overweight or obese takes height into account and is highlyTracks to adulthoodimportant to intervene correlated with more direct measures during childhood of body fatCalculated by dividing body weight in kg Body Composition by the square of height in mBodyfat free massbody fat1kg body fat7000 calories
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