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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 on Exercise for Health and Fitness

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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Bert Carron

White 1 Chapter Six – Exercise for Health and  Jogging/cycling develops it 2) Muscular strength Fitness  Amount of force a muscle can produce The Benefits of Exercise with a single maximal effort  Weight/resistance training develops  Studied for past 40 years 3) Muscular endurance  Most important action you can take to improve  Ability of muscle group to remain wellness contacted and resist fatigue  Decrease impact of disease, increase energy  Important for postural muscles to hold level, increase immune function, increase the spine in the correct alignment and emotional well-being reduce strain  Reduced risk of heart-disease – regular exercise  Weight training develops strengthens the heart enables it to work more 4) Flexibility efficiently  Ability to move joints through full range  Improved bone health – weight training of motion improves bone strength and density  Stretching, yoga, help minimize stiffness  Aerobics improve integrity of cartilage in and develop synovial joints 5) Body composition  More efficient metabolism – energy generation  Fat free : fat free mass ratio and hormone regulation  Protect against free radical damage – activates Disease Prevention and Management antioxidant enzymes  Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)  Improved body composition – improve fat mass o A leading cause of death in Canada to fat free mass ratio o Sedentary lifestyle is 1/6 major risk  Decrease risk of death regardless of body composition, because people who exercise are factors o Physical inactivity increases risk by 50- less likely to die from all causes 240% Psychological and Emotional Wellness o Other risk factors: smoking, unhealthy cholesterol levels, increased blood  Decreased stress pressure, diabetes, obesity  Decreased anxiety and depression o Recent stats (Heart and Stroke  Increased self image Foundation, 2006)  Increased learning and memory  Increase in obesity among  Enjoyment children  Decrease in smoking rates, with Physical Fitness – a set of health or performance Canada as a world leader in related attributes related to the ability to engage in PA; tobacco control 5 components:  Increased prevalence of 1) Cardiorespiratory endurance cardiovascular risk among lower income and First Nations  Ability to perform prolonged, large muscle, dynamic exercises populations o Prevention - improved  How well your heart/lungs/circulatory system are working cardiorespiratory endurance through aerobics White 2 o Cardiac Rehabilitat
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