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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 on Tobacco Use

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Bert Carron

White 1cancer and at least 700 from coronary heart Chapter 16 Tobacco Use disease Health Hazards of Cigarette SmokingChildren have higher metabolism and absorbNegative effects on nearly every organ of body more smoke than adults decreased overall healthETS triggers 150000300000 cases ofRelated to more than 24 diseases and bronchitis pneumonia and other respiratory conditionsContain 4000 chemicals at least 4050 that are infections in infants and toddlers yearly carcinogens or cocarcinogens andor irritateIt can induce and exacerbate symptoms of the tissues of the respiratory system asthma in childrenSmoke contains carbon monoxide in concentrations 400x greater than the safety10 of children are regularly exposed to ETS in threshold in workplaces their home Long Term Effects Smoking and PregnancyOn average smokers live 1045 years less than nonsmokers2030 of pregnant women use tobacco throughout pregnancy Environmental Tobacco Smoke ETSOnly 1321 of female smokers quit whenConsists of finding out they are pregnantMainstream smokeexhaled by smokers50 of those who quit during pregnancy relapseSidestream smokefrom the burning to smoking within 6 months end of the cigarette cigar or pipe80 relapse within a yearSidestream smoke contains higher concentrations of toxic and carcinogenicSmoking almost doubles a pregnant womans compounds at least 2x the nicotine and tar chance of miscarriageNearly 85 of the smoke in a room whereCauses 4600 infant deathsyr due to premature somebody is smoking is sidestream delivery and problems with placentaLabeled a classA cancer causing substance noNicotine can cross placental barrier and known safe exposure decrease blood flow to babyRegular exposure increases chances of18 of all SIDs deaths due to maternal tobacco contracting lung disease by 25 and heart use disease by 10May lead to low birth rate and increase risk forCoughs headaches nasal discomfort eye infections and other potentially fatal problems irritation breathlessness sinus problemsBabies of mothers who smoke more than 2At least 1000 nonsmokers die from exposure packs a day perform poorly on developmental each year in Canada with over 300 from lung tests in the first hours after birth 1
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