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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

Chapter 1 Overview Health sociology focuses on the social determinants of health and illness  eg. income, education, environment, and working conditions Health Sociologists look for social patterns of illness  variation in health status between: o men and women o poor and wealthy o immigrants and native-born o Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Then, health sociologists seek social explanations rather than biological or psychological Introduction: The Social Context of Health and Illness Social patterning of suicide rates identified by Emile Durkheim during the early 19th century.  Suicide rates varied between countries and between different social groups within a country o In 2004, 3613 suicide related deaths occurred in Canada and 76% were male 35-44 and 56-54 Social context of health and illness also evident when we compare Life Expectancy (LE) of countries  LE significantly lower in less developed countries than industrially developed ones o LE in developed countries 64 , LE in developing countries 51 (2006)  living conditions of your country significantly impact LE  High LE is not caused by any biological advantages in the gene pool but by two basic reasons: o 1) LE can change within a short period of time which is too short to be caused by biological advantages in the gene pool o 2) The longer immigran
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