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Chapter 8

Health Science Chapter 8

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Anita Cramp

Health Science Chapter 8- Understanding and Improving the Health of Work Framework for promoting health work: Evidence Analysis Vision and Policy Action Evidence: - Content organization and arrangements if work linked to health - Work environment exposure precedes the change in, or onset of, the health outcome; there are logical and believable pathways through which the work environment might worsen health status o First through a neuroendocrinological response to the stressful working conditions (allostatic load) o Second, through changes in health behaviour patterns (mechanism of coping) - Dose-response relationship between the level of the psychosocial work exposure and the risk of poor health - Key dimensions of the working environment that have been linked to health status: o Job strain o Effort-reward imbalance o Level of organizational justice o Additional important aspects  Long working hours  Work-life conflict  Job insecurity  Precarious employment  Status inconsistency Analysis: - High-quality employment practices have been adopted only by a minority of companies in Canada (i.e. info and evidence isn’t enough for companies to change) o Instead influenced by things like technology change, deregulation, declining unionization and international competition and associate pressures (i.e. to innovate, improve quality and productivity) - Balancing firm productivity and workplace health is the main goal to improve quality of working conditions - 3 anaylsis: o Assumes companies need the flexibility to respond freely and rapidly to changes in consumer preference and demands and thus compete effectively  Pro: increase job security (in short-term), economic growth and job creation  Con: compromises the health-determining conditions (little incentive to improve working conditions), assumes economic growth will trickle to all b
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