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Chapter 8

Health Sciences 1002A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate

Health Sciences
Course Code
HS 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

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Chapter 8 Environmental Links to Health
The Environment as a SDH
What is the relationship between environment and health? Air, water and land
How can environment be viewed as a social determinant of health?
Rachel Carson wrote a famous book called “Silent Spring”, best seller in NA and Europe
She wanted to test on what DDT stands for
In this book, she made people aware that certain chemicals, organic compounds (used for pesticides and herbicides) are highly
persistent in environment
They exist in animal tissues (mother's milk), cause water contamination, kill fish and thus lead to declines in fish populations
The agricultural chemical industry attacked her honesty in her work
Despite their attack, presidential advisory supported her and in 1972, DDT was banned
She is seen today as leader/founder of environmental movement
Her book repeatedly refers to WW2 playing a vital role that led to development of (i) the pertrochemical industry and (ii) the nuclear
The Petrochemical Industry: Links to Health
The petrochemical industry produces synthetic products largely using raw materials like crude oil and gas to make products such as
plastics, paints, detergents and synthetic fibres
Carson argued that carcinogens (cancer causing agents) are produced from these industries in such large amounts that there effects
are felt in the environment
The Industry's Effect on the Air We Breathe
Health effects from smog: respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, allergies and neurological effects
Illnesses related to air pollution cause increased medication use, increased doctoral/hospital visits, more hospital admissions,
premature death
The earth's ozone layer (which protects earth from harmful UV radiation from sun) is a victim of industrial evolution; depletion was
linked to a chemical called CFC
A depleted ozone layer can cause serious health problems like increased risk of sunburn, leads to increased risk of skin cancers(some
caused UV radiation) and eye damage, premature aging of skin
The Industry's Effect on the Land that Feeds Us
The petrochemical industry revolutionized agriculture
Muller invented compound called DDT which was used in WW2 to control insect and parasite causing diseases in humans such as
malaria, typhus and yellow fever
DDTs can lead to or cause things like: breast cancer, impaired neurological development, miscarriages
Many advantages to pesticides were offered but the wonders of DDT were not as easily controlled or as safe as people believed;
insects become very quickly resistant to pesticides and pesticides stay in environments and become concentrated in animal tissues and
penetrate their germ cells to change or destroy their hereditary material
DDT is a group of chemicals called POP's (persistent organic pollutants)
When released into the environment, they are long lasting and are spread through air, water and soil
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