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Chapter 1

Health Sciences 3090A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Aspirin, Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act, Health 2.0

Health Sciences
Course Code
HS 3090A/B
Gillian Mandich

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Reading 1: “Take Two Aspirin and Tweet Me in The Morning: How Twitter, Facebook, And
Other Social Media Are Reshaping Health Care”
Hello health- privately funded and venture owned by Canadian company Myca, it is
a secure social network that is the core medium for new-age medical practice
manages itself and stays in touch with its patients
You can read about your doctors on their pro(le pages inspired by fb
Enrollment fee of #35/month
Px can send messages over IM to physicians monitoring the site, a quick
email back would be free, but a “cyber-visit” costs between $50-100
If you need to visit the doctor in person, the consolation is guaranteed with
24hrs. generic medications and lab tests can be done here for free as well
A doctor could also go to your home to visit you for $150
Hello health acts like a health “concierge” practice
Doesn’t accept health insurance because its online but patients can submit
their bills to their respective companies
Already opened up another practice in Manhattan due to demand, original in
Also make money by selling customized versions of its computer platform to
corporate clients
Will soon open a third revenue stream by allow private doctors to join for free
and then taking a percentage of their o=ce visit fees
Doctors will also be able to “friend” each other to build up their referral
Its like an EHR with a social network
Described it as “a company evangelist”, convince people they can build a
better mouse trap. Says health care can be simpler, more elegant, and more
ful(lling for physicians and patients
It enables patients and physicians to communicate better
PatientsLikeMe: a platform where disease su?erers can compare care options and
Stermo: an online community where physicians can share insights about medicine
and speci(c cases, basically a doctor’s lounge
Investors reactions:
Venture one says $900million was invested in technology and software services for
HC in 2007
Concerns about guarding the privacy of patients and the spreading of inaccurate
information as social network content is user generated, it makes accessing,
distributing info easier but command and control more challenging
Legal Issues
Lawsuits (le against physicians for violating privacy of medical information
Standards have not yet been developed to govern this type of care
Lack of protocols and insurance reimbursements will be barriers
Sorting through Teminology
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