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day 12

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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Day Twelve 2012 Kinesiology 1088a – Dr. Bob LeRose – Room 4182 Thames Hall CHARACTERISTICS/ROLES OF LEARDER 1. A leader’s social support enhances individual and group motivation SOCIAL SUPPORT- concern for the welfare of each individual  Positive group atmosphere  Warm interpersonal relationships/TRUST  Is most important during long monotonous or boring practice sessions  Is more important for experienced athletes  Is more important for male athletes 2. Training and skill instruction by the leader enhances motivation a) ABILITY- teach skills, techniques, & tactics of the game - Arrange and conduct effective practice - Maximize mastery of skills = COMPETENCE b) ROLE PERCEPTION - Clarify each individuals role and its relation to the whole group - Structure, co-ordinate, & integrate all individuals within the group activity = DEFINING REALITY By improving technical competence and clarifying individual role, the effort-performance relationship is enhanced and overall motivation improved 3. Coaching decision styles influence individual levels of motivation CHELLADURAL – Multidimensional model of sport leadership (1980) p.212 Three basic decision making styles a) AUTOCRATIC – coach makes decisions on own - Preferred by – older athletes – males athletes – during time of stress (games) b) PARICPATIVE – coach and athlete(s) make joint decisions - Preferred by – female athletes - During low stress periods (practice) c) DELEGATIVE – coach lets individuals or group make decisions on own - Preferred by – low quality decisions - Uncomplicated decisions - When there is little need for group acceptance th 1 Important Dates: Midterm is October 19 (35%) Final is (50% and info on midterm will not be on it!! Labs online and must hand in hard copy (3% each and uses best 5 out of 6 = 15%) Day Twelve 2012 THE MULTIDIMENSONAL MODEL OF SPORT LEADERSHIP 1. Situational 4. Required Characteristics Behaviour 7. Performance 2. Leader 5. Actual and Characteristics Behaviour Satisfaction 3. Member 6. P
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