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Western University
Kinesiology 2241A/B
Bob Vigars

Biomechanics Text Notes Week One Biomechanics: area of study wherein the knowledge and methods of mechanics are applied to the structure and function of the living human system Anthropometrics: body’s physical characteristics, human body size, shape, composition, include measures of heights, weight and volume Mechanics: mechanical aspects of any system, may be divided in to statics, dynamics Kinematics: study of forces acting on a body to influence its movement Quantitative approach: describing a movement of the body or its parts in numerical terms, numbers obtained by measuring or counting, instruments are expensive Qualitative approach: produce description of movement in non-numerical terms, can recognize the critical features of the skill Efficient movement: is one in which a given amount of work is done with a minimum amount of energy expenditure Effectiveness: concerned more with performance and less with saving energy Maximized: effort put forth in running movements should be maximized Optimize: need to optimize running speed, optimal speed would be the specific race pace that is the fastest the runner could maintain for 5 km Anatomical disciplines: osteology (skeletal system), arthrology (articulations) myology (muscles) neurology (nervous system) Axial skeleton: skull (29), thorax (25), pelvis , vertebral column (26) Appendicular skeleton: upper (64) and lower extremities (62) Skeletal functions: protect vital organs in the body, support soft tissues, make RBS, reservoir for minerals, attachment for skeletal muscles, make movement possible Classification of bones: done by shape which therefore determines function known as the wolff’s law Ossification: varies with different bones and also varies for the same bones between the
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