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Kinesiology 2241A/B
Bob Vigars

Concept Module E – Torque and Rotation  When a force is applied to an object, it moves the object’s C of G in a linear path  When the object is restricted to movement about an axis, the force causes the object to rotate o Except when the force is applied directly at the axis of rotation  Eccentric force – off-center force that causes torque  Force arm – the off-axis distance to the force’s line of action o The greater distance, the greater torque produced by the force o The shortest distance from the axis of rotation to the line of action of the force o Always the length of the line that is perpendicular to the force’s line of action  Four properties of torque-producing forces: o Magnitude o Direction o Line of action o Point of application  Torque is produced by muscles when they pull on bones, and the result is rotary motion of the body segments about an axis  The stronger the muscle contraction, the greater torque on the bone  The longer the force arm, the greater the torque  Teeter-totter: o If the weight is less (ie. a child), it creates less torque o If the weight is placed closer to the axis it creates less torque  If many torques are applied to a system, the sum of the torques tells the movement direction (net torque)  The vectors representing the direction of
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