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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Textbook + lecture notes

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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

Chapter 6Physical Activity Interventions Physical Activity InterventionsAn OverviewEffective interventions are developed using theory and researchbased knowledge about the determinants of PAInterventions dont directly change behavior they modify one or more PA determinant which can in turnPAApproaches to Physical Activity InterventionsInformational ApproachesTo change knowledge and attitudes about benefits of and opportunities for PABehavioral ApproachesTo teach people necessary management skills for successful adoption and maintenance of behavior changeSocial ApproachesTo create social environments that facilitate and enhance behavior changeEnvironmental and Policy ApproachesTo change structure of physical and organizational environments to provide better places for PA safe attractive and convenientExhibit 61 Four intervention approaches and the determinants of PA they influenceInformational Approaches to Increasing Physical ActivityDesigned toPA by providing people with info they need to motivate short and long term exercise behaviorGoals of Informational ApproachesProvide info about benefits of PAArouse fear or concern about risks of inactivity Awareness of opportunities for PAExplain techniques to overcome barriers to activityProvide strategies to overcome negative attitudes toward activityProvision of this info is expected to influence cognitive determinants of PASelfefficacy attitudes perceived behavioral controlIn turn changes in cognitions expected to lead to actual changes in PA behaviorInterventions that Use An Informational ApproachMotivational InterviewingMass Media CampaignsCommunityWide Campaigns Point of Decision PromptsMotivational InterviewingCounseling technique that provides people with the opportunity to talk about and resolve their mixed feelings about exercise so they can move forward with changeCounselors role is to help strengthen clients intrinsic motivation to change and provide info on how to change4 principles used tointrinsic motivationExpressions of EmpathyEmpathy Ability to identify with another person and understand their feelingsCounselor helps create an environment where clients are comfortableDevelopment of DiscrepancyDevelop awareness of a discrepancy between their current behavior and their broader goals and valuesBegin to make changes so behaviors become consistent with goalsvaluesRolling with ResistanceCounselor never directly opposes or argues with clientChange talk must come from client statements regarding ones desires abilities and reasons for change Supporting SelfEfficacyKey ingredient of successful behavioral changeCounselor targets 4 sources of SE past performance accomplishments vicarious experiences social persuasion physiologicalaffective statesWhen people believe they can change more motivated to do so Shown to be effective forPA participation but can be costly and only reaches a small number of people Mass Media CampaignsReach people using some medium other that personal contact with a health care professional or providerTypes of mediaBroadcast media TV and radioPrintbased materials pamphlets and postersAudiovisual materials PowerPoint presentations DVDsInternet Some use very simple messagesslogansEg Just Do It Others disseminate extensive info about exercise benefits opportunities andactivitiesEg Health Canadas Get Active Your WayEffectiveness of Media CampaignsReach large numbers of people
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