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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Textbook + lecture notes

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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

Chapter 8SelfConcept SelfEsteem and ExerciseSignificance of SelfEsteemSelfesteem tops the list of needs that make people happyThe greatest potential impact of physical activity may be seen in a participants self esteem Promoting that physical activity can enhance selfesteem may be a strategy for improving activity levels in people who view selfesteem as a primary psychological need SelfConcept DefinedThe way in which we see or define ourselvesWho I amSelfEsteem DefinedThe evaluative or affective consequence of ones self conceptThe extent to which one feels positively or negatively about ones selfconceptHow I feel about who I amOther Terms and DefinitionsOther terms focus primarily on judgments of ability and potential success in specific situations activitiesskills or domainsMore variable than selfconceptselfesteemContribute meaningfully to an individuals selfconceptselfesteemPerceived CompetenceDo I consider myself an athleteexerciserCan I perform most physical skills movements or activities capableSelfConfidenceMore specific than perceived competenceWhile I feel capable of doing this activity am I capable of doing another activitySelfEfficacySituation specific for of selfconfidenceWhile I feel capable of doing this activity in this situation am I capable of doing it in a different situationTheoretical Foundations of SelfConceptSelfEsteemSelfconcept model Shavelson HubnerStanton 1976Really a theoryModel of Exercise and selfesteem with hierarchically organized constructs SonstoemMorgan 1989SelfConcept Model
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