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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Kinesiology 3388A/B

Chapter 6The Amount of Group ResourcesSkills abilities energies and personal characteristics brought to the group by individuals represent the amount of the teams resources Teams resources can be represented by either the average or the summed total of attributes of individuals in a groupIn this chapter group resources are considered from 2 perspectivesPsychosocial characteristics of group membersAbility of group membersPsychosocial Attributes of MembersIt seems reasonable to expect that some personal qualities are beneficial to group functioningHaving a large amount of those qualities in a large number of group member should contribute to group effectivenessSociability extroversion achievement motivation conscientiousness enthusiasm empathy intelligence and dominance are all potentially positive attributes for any group memberTimidity suspicion depression jealousy and a lack of selfcontrol are all potentially negative attributes for any group memberThus its plausible that if a large number of members possessed the positive attributes in large amounts and only a few members possessed the negative ones in small amounts the team should be more effectiveIts also reasonable to expect that psychosocial attributes of individual team members are unrelated to team performanceKluckhohn and Murray 1949People are complexthey possess a large number of attributes in differing degrees and combinationsObserved that each individual is like all other people like some other people and like no other personIvan Steiner 1972Highlighted the difficulty in determining relationship of individual psychosocial attributes to team effectivenessAny single individual may be regarded as a composite of many attributes He possesses certain skills to a high degree and others in meager measure he is well informed about some topics and ignorant of others his personality involves a concatenation of interrelated propensities that may be patterned in myriad ways Humans are multifaceted beings any two of whom may resemble one another with respect to one property but may be dissimilar with respect to another For this reason the research dealing with group composition always requires a simplification of unmanageable complexitiesShaw 1981interrelationship of group members psychosocial attributes is complexHe attempted to simplify the unmanageable complexitiesConcluded that personality characteristics of group members play an important role in determining their behavior in groupsMagnitude of the effect of any given characteristic is small but taken together the consequences for group processes are of major significance Social and Work GroupsMuch of the earliest work on group resources was carried out with social and work groups not sport teamsShawPointed out that the presence of certain positive interpersonal attributes and absence of other negative interpersonal attributes do contribute to group cohesion and effectivenessMost important interpersonal attributes for group effectivenessAn orientation toward people social sensitivity empathy sociability and good judgmentAs far as negative interpersonal attributesConcluded that when group members are attracted to things as opposed to people it detracts from group cohesion and effectivenessThere are a number of personal attributes associated in a positive way with activity within the group development of cohesiveness and group effectivenessIntelligence dependability integrity responsibility selfreliance personal adjustment emotional control emotional stabilityA number of negative personal attributes detract from group effectivenessA lack of conventionality anxiety neuroticism a tendency toward depressionA number of attributes that are associated with involvement in leadership roles within groupIntelligence authoritarianism dominance assertiveness ascendancy
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