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Western University
Law 2101
Mysty Sybil Clapton

The Charter • Section 1 states that all rights are subject to reasonable limits • Community Colleges are considered sufficiently controlled by the government to be considered government bodies.As such, you have grounds to bring an action under the Charter. • Individuals who are in Canada illegally do not have any rights under the Charter. • The charter protects Mobility, equality, minority language education rights BUT NOT property rights • The Charter defines the rights that individuals have against action by any level or branch of the government. The Charter does not control the actions of private individuals. • The Charter applies primarily to government bodies, although it may apply to actors controlled by the government, or to private actors insofar as they perform public functions.Ahospital is not considered a government body, despite the fact that its funding does come from the government • In R. v. Oakes, the Supreme Court determined that there were 3 elements to the proportionality test: - The law must be rationally connected to the objective - The law must impair the right or freedom as little as reasonably possible - There must be proportionality between the overall
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