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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B

Class 7- HR Chapter 1- The Challenges of HRM What is Human Resource Management? - It is more than hiring, paying, and training people - Human Resource Management- an integrated set of processes, programs, and systems in an organization that focuses on the effective deployment and development of its employees - The term ‘human resources’ implies that people are as important to the success of any business as other resources are What are the HRM Process and Activities? 1. Organization, work, and job design- determining what tasks need to be done, in what order, with what skills, and how individual task fit together in work units 2. Planning- ensuring that people in the organization are the right people with the right skills at the right time in the right place 3. Recruitment and Selection- sourcing, attracting, and hiring the people with the necessary skills and background 4. Training and Development- providing the resources to assist employees in developing the necessary knowledge and skills to do their job today and in the future 5. Performance and Management- ensuring that there are appropriate mechanisms in place to provide feedback to employees on a regular basis 6. Compensation (pay and benefits)- developing and administering pay and benefits programs that will attract and retain employees 7. Occupational Health and Safety- ensuring that the safety and health of employees are maintained 8. Employee and Labor Relations- ensuring that there are positive and constructive relationships between the employees and their supervisors or managers and/or union representatives Why Study Human Resource Management? - It is important to understand human behavior and be knowledgeable about the various systems and practices available to effectively use as well as build a skilled, knowledgeable, motivated workforce - The line manager or supervisor is the key link between the employee and the organization, therefore the manager must have knowledge of HRM The Partnership of Line Managers and HR Professionals Role of the Line Manager: - They are people managers - It is through them that the talent of the organization is enhanced - They directly interact with the employees and are responsible for the effective contribution of those employees in the organization - Line Authority- being directly responsible for the product or service Role of the HR Professional: - They need sound business knowledge, good problem-solving and influence skills, and personal creditability (trust and the ability to build personal relationships) - Their primary role is to help equip the line manager with the best people practices so that the organization can be successful - They can be active in policy formulation and implementation in such areas as workplace harassment, healthy work environments, and change management - An employee advocate (listens to their concerns and makes sure the organization is aware and responding of those concerns) The Ongoing Partnership: - Successful organizations are those that equip their line managers with a thorough understanding of good HRM practices - The key is to find ways to develop and utilize the talents of employees so that they reach their greatest potential - The HR professionals are there to provide guidance and assistance as internal consultants to the line manager Current Business Challenges 1. Global economy 2. Survival of firms and business sectors 3. Technology and quality 4. Responses to environment and climate change 5. Developing human capital and talent management 6. Demographic and employee concerns Challenge 1: Global Economy - The Canadian economy is primarily built of exports, such as gas, oil, mining, and forestry. Because of this many Canadian companies have been involved in the global market for years - As Canada has moved into other goods and services to export they have created global operations or worked with foreign companies to sell Canadian products Impact of Globalization: - “anything, anytime, anywhere” - Globalization: moving local or regional businesses into global marketplace Effect of Globalization on HRM: - When managers start to “go global”, they have to balance a complicated set of issues related to different geographies, cultures, laws, and business practices Challenge 2: Survival of Firms and Business Sectors - Without sufficient cash flow, coupled with declining sales and revenue, companies go into situations of survival mode Managing Costs: - Downsizing: the planned elimination of jobs - Across the board reduction of elimination individuals based on performance Outsourcing and Employee Learning: - Outsourcing: hiring someone outside the company or bringing in a company to perform tasks that could be done internally. - Increasingly, activities such as maintenance, security, catering, and payroll are being outsourced in order to increase the organization’s flexibility and to lower overhead costs - Employee Leasing: employees are let go and then hired by a leasing company that contracts back with the original company Challenge 3: Technology and Quality - Advancements in technology have enabled organizations to improve processes (both production and admin), reduce costs, and improve quality Influence of Technology in HRM: - Human Resources Information System (HRIS)- a technology system that provides data for purposes of control and decision making - Information Technology influences HRM in three basis ways; 1. Operational impact (automating routine activities, alleviating the administrative burden, reducing costs, and improving productivity) 2. Enhancing services (to line managers and employees) 3. The internet has revolutionized our ability to access and use information. Quality: - Meeting customer expectations is essential for any organization - Managers must also meet customer expectations of quality, innovation, variety, and responsiveness - TQM- Total Quality Management: understanding customer needs, doing things right the first time, and striving
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