MOS 1021 HRM Chapter 5 Summary

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brian

MOS 1021 HRM Chapter 5 Introduction Critical to success is organizations ability to ensure its people learn, grow & develop Orientation: formal process of familiarizing new employees with the organization, their jobs & their work unit & embedding organizational values, beliefs & accepted behaviours Training: the acquisition of skills, behaviours & abilities to perform current work Development: the acquisition of skills, behaviours & abilities to perform future work or to solve an organizational problem Changing technologies require employees to hone knowledge, skills & abilities (KSAs) Key lever in attracting & retaining key competencies for competition Trends toward empowerment, total-quality management, teamwork & international business Approach to Orientation, Training & Development Primary goal is to contribute to organizational goals Fads, fashions & whatever the competition is doing are often the wrong main drivers of training agenda A systems approach to training should be used o Needs assessment o Program design o Training delivery o Evaluation of training Training refers to orientation & development as well The Scope of Orientation, Training & Development Some employees come equipped with necessary & others need extensive training but all need some training Training casually used to describe any effort initiated by organization to foster learning among members Training more focused/oriented toward acquiring skills, behaviours & abilities for current work & development for future work or problems o Training & development: combination of activities used by organizations to increase abilities & capabilities of employees Learning: ongoing change in behaviour & thinking Investments in Training Canadian businesses spend about $852/employee each year on formal training Average expenditure is 1.8% of payroll (25 hrs annually) Organizations in Best Employers list place higher value on learning & development More than $180 billion is spent on informal instruction Organizations providing training on an as needed basis, ensuring linkage to actual work experiences While there is no enterprise-wide moratorium on training, there is greater scrutiny on the training expenditures Compared to earlier economic downturns, organizations are much more supportive of continuing with some training as those organizations believe it is worthwhile Training that has a direct financial return will take precedence over certain types of development, such as for soft skills Training can improve employee engagement (reduce turnover) For training to be effective, employers must provide strong support 1/3 of workforce participates in job-related training Even more important in recession to provide growth opportunities (keep commitment) Systematic Orientation, Training & Development Phase 1: Conducting the Needs Assessment o Stay alert to kinds of training needed, where, for whom & which methods are best o Consistent employee failure to meet objectives or customer complaints are signs of inadequate training (additional training needed) o Approach systematically to focus on priorities in a timely fashion o Occurs at organizational, task & person levels o How important is the issue to success? o What competencies/KSAs do employees need? o What competencies/KSAs do employees currently have? o What is the gap between haves & needs? o Issues can occur due to strategic, technological, tactical & trend changes o Managers must assess if training is right solution (worthy of investment) Phase 2: Designing the Training Program o Success depends on taking info gained in needs analysis & utilizing it to design first- rate training programs o Instructional objectives:
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