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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brian

Chapter 1 Challenges of Human Resource ManagementMonday October 25 20101104 PMHuman Resource ManagementAn integrated set of processes programs and systems in an organization that focuses on the effective deployment and development of its employees Employeecontract workers people from other organization who are working on a project of any other similar working relationship Shows how flexiblefluid the workplace is compared to 20 years agoHuman resourcesimplies people are as important to the success of any business as other resources are Ex money materials machineryand information Processes and ActivitiesOrganizational work and job designdetermining what tasks need to be done in what order 1with what skills and how individual tasks fit together in work units Ex In HRM closeup Goodline has to ensure that tasks are coordinated in a way to get the work done of her teamPlanningensuring people in the organization are the right people with the right skills at the 2right time in the right place What are the companys goals And What HRrelated actions do we need to take to achieve these goals Ex When is necessary to hire more staffRecruitment and Selectionsourcing attracting and hiring the people with the necessary skills 3and background Ex Find and hire people who can best represent the company and do the expected workTraining and developmentproviding the resources to assist employees in developing the 4necessary knowledge and skills to do their job today and in the future Ex Training is in a flexible format Spending time coaching and helping staff develop to their full potentialPerformance managementensuring that there are appropriate mechanisms in place to 5provide feedback to employees on a regular basis Ex Ensure business objectives are being met provide regular feedback so that there are no surprises during review timeCompensation pay and benefitsdeveloping and administering pay and benefits programs 6that will attract and retain employees Ex Ensure that its compensation program can attract and retain the caliber of staff it wantsOccupational health and safetyensuring that the safety and health of employees are 7maintained Ex Ensure safe and healthy work environmentEmployee and labour relationsensuring that there are positive and constructive relations 8between the employees and their supervisors or managers andor union representatives Ex Recognize individual differences in staff and adjust management style accordingly How are all these activities related Consider Recruitment and Selection in relation to Training and development Imagine a meeting of managers at an auto assembly plant The TD manager suggests that the cutoff scores on the selection test should be raised because too many employees are failing training Why study HRMBad HRM practice destroys productive capacity Demand from the public as the workforce grows more diverse discrimination pay equityAll employees experience the effect of HRMCOMPARE TO HRM TO COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE last book topiclook it upPartnerships of Line Managers and HR ProfessionalsLine Manager SupervisorPeople managersEffective leadership that the talentintellectual capital of the organization is enhanced Directly interacts with employees and is responsible for the effective contribution of those employees to the organizationLine authoritydirectly responsible for the product or service HR ProfessionalRecruit train and pay employees BUT line manager selects the employee Chapter 1 Page 1 Recruit train and pay employees BUT line manager selects the employeeActive in policy formulation ex Health policyHR professionals help support the line managers with the best people practices they are staffThey have functional authority such as recruitment strategies or developing organizational programs to recognize employees Current Business ChallengesGlobal EconomyEx Canadas economy is primarily built on exports natural resources like 1oil gas mining and forestry GlobalizationMoving local or regional business into global marketplace When managers go global they have to balance different geographies cultures laws and business practices We live in a volatile uncertain complex world Competitive implications opportunity and threat to the firm Practices and processes are problematized when you cross international boundariesSurvival of Firms and Business Sectors Managing Costs labour costs are one of the largest 2expenditures especially in service and knowledge based companies To lower it they Downsizeplanned elimination of jobs and outsourcehiring someone outside the company or bringing in a company to perform tasks that could be done internally Businesses shrinking in our lifetime Travel agents pagers television repairTechnology and QualityHuman resources information system HRIS A technology system 3that provides data for purposes of control and decision making Six Sigmastatistical method of translating a customers needs into separate tasks and defining the best way to perform each task in concert with the others ISO 9000Worldwide quality standards program BenchmarkingFinding the best practices in other organizations that can be brought into a company to enhance performance Impact of web online job applicationsEnvironment and Climate Changeex Oil and gas industry more demand but desire to reduce 4the worlds reliance on fossil fuel energyHuman Capital and Talent ManagementHuman capitalThe individuals knowledge skills 5and abilities that have economic value to an organization Core competenciesA combination of knowledge skills and characteristics needed to effectively perform a role in an organization Demographic and Employee ConcernsDiversity and generation differences Ex Generation Y 6is a multitasking and entrepreneurial generation Skills and labour shortage gender roles Business Strategy and Strategic HRMStrategic Human Resources ManagementIdentifying key HR processes and linking those to the overall business strategyStrategychoice of actionCorporate strategy concerns the big question like restructure or growBusiness strategy focuses on one line of business and answers Porters question Chapter 1 Page 2
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