MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 2 Summary

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brian

MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 2 Childhood Cancer Foundation Candlelighters Canada CCFC ExampleRecognizing changes in consumer behaviour creates opportunities for better serviceCommunicating effectivelyefficiently with target group is imperative to successMain target groups of nonprofit sector o Users of service o Organization volunteers o Contributors to the causeWebsitesinternet have become pivotal in marketing and communications strategy o Interactivesophisticated tool to narrowly target individualscompanies o Consumers use internet to gather info purchase products download music watch moviespledge donationsCCFC recognized opportunity to make fundraising more personalrewarding o Target groups want online registration sense of participationtax receipts o Instant gratification o Online pledge formsUsing internet to help teens with cancer connect with other support networksUnderstand the environmenttie into evolving changesuses of technologyThe Marketing EnvironmentConstantly monitor the marketing environment to capitalize on new opportunitiesthwart potential threatsLook for 6 key areas that are important or changing o Demographics o Sociocultural forces o Economy o Technology o Competition o Regulatory forcesMarketing Environmental ScanProcess of acquiring info on events outside org to identify trends opportunitiesthreatsEnsure productsservicesideas are relevantmeaningfulTranslates into competitive marketing programs that meet consumer needsmake revenueDemographic ForcesStatistical study of populations Age gender ethnicity incomeoccupationStatistics Canadaprivate databasessurveys census o Canadian population growing older contains diverse generations settling in the suburbs of large cities becoming more ethnically mixedincreasing of nontraditional familiesAging Population o 96 million 117 between ages of 55 and 64 o More likely to spend resources on travelelectronicshealth productsDiverse Generations o Baby Boomers born 19451964Account for 60 of expendituresKeen interest in health selfimageretirement
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