MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 5 Summary

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brian

MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 5 Skylar WiltonAssociates SWA Example Market research used to help provide insights into lives of consumers make better decisionsprovide clear directionResearch should be evaluated on basis of value it brings to organizationMarketers need to have a visionuse market research to make smarter decisionsIts about asking the right questionsDeciding what research results meanhow they can be appliedSuccessful research needs vision hypotheses instinctsenergyBest researchers have diverse backgrounds rooted in areas other than research that give them mental flexibilitycreative thinking skillsMarketing Information SystemsMarket ResearchNeed to know state of economy moves of competitors customers wantsneedsInformation is competitive advantage key marketing toolstrategic benefitGathering correct infodata is crucial to smooth operationInformation presented in market research projectsmarketing info systemsMarketing Information System MIS set of proceduresprocesses for collecting sorting analyzin
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