MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 10 Summary

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brian

MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 10 Sleep Country Canada Example Culture of highly trained caring people who operate professionally in a unique atmosphere that is friendlysupportiveTopquality service from start of sale to delivery of product give exceptional experienceProduct delivery is personalessential to creating a positive impression that lastsDelivery personnel are employed by Sleep Country to ensure commitment to qualityBuyers benefit from wellstructuredefficient distribution systemsWhat is a Marketing ChannelMarketing channel consists of individualsfirms involved in process of making a productservice availableIntermediaries connect flow of goods between producersconsumers o Middleman same as intermediary o AgentBroker legal authority to act on behalf of another channel member o Wholesaler sells to other intermediaries usually retailersoften in consumer goods o Retailer sells to consumer o Distributor perform a variety of functions selling inventory credit often in business markets o Dealer same as distributor retailer or wholesalerValue Created by IntermediariesIntermediaries make possible the flow of products from producers to consumersTransactional Function buyingselling goodsservices as well as sharing riskLogistical Function preparinggetting a product to buyers gathering sorting dispersingFacilitating Function make a transaction easier for buyers financingmarketingAll 3 functions must be performed in a channel though each member may not do all 3Consumers receive value from the marketing channel o Time utility having a product when you want it o Place utility having a product available where you want it o Form utility enhancing a product to make it more attractive to consumers o Information utility providing consumers with info needed to make informed purchases o Possession utility help buyers take possession of product payment delivery etcChannel StructureOrganizationMarketing Channels for Consumer GoodsServices o Asof intermediaries increase channel increases in length o Direct channel producer deals directly with ultimate consumer o Indirect channel channel involves intermediaries or middlemen o ProducerConsumer producer performs all channel functions o ProducerRetailerConsumer most common when retailer is large
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