MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 12 Summary

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brian

MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 12 Canadian Idol Example Hit consumer touch point through TV media advertising inshow product integration online contestsretail promotionsProduct integration involves companies signing sponsorship agreements with show to provide them with product involvement in showadvertising spots around showProduct integration requires all parties to understand their roleTimeconsumingcostly task requiring involvement by advertising agencies public relations agencies outside production companieslicensorsDevelopments in Marketing CommunicationsIncreased sophistication of digital media use of database technologychanging media habitsInternet plays an integral role in melding integrated marketing communications IMCEnsure messages reach the fragmented audience that uses individual mediaIntegrated Marketing Communications design of a coordinated communications program using various communication tools to reach target market with consistent messagesIe products placed in TV showsmovies viral internet campaignsmedia choicesIncreased involvement in CRM customer relationship managementInternet now accounts for over 9 of advertising revenues o Social networks online videos blogs podcasts videosharing sitesNonprofit industry becoming more competitive using internet to reach donorsEthics is becoming an issue due to people misrepresenting themselves anonymouslyo Distinction between spampermissionbased emailThe Communications ProcessCommunication process of conveying a message to others o Source companyperson who has information to share o Message information sent o Channel of communication means by which a message is conveyed o Receivers consumers who read hear or see messagerespond o Encoding process of sender transforming idea into symbols words pictures sounds o Decoding process of receiver taking symbolstransforming them into messagesPerformed according to frame of reference attitudes valuesbeliefsProcess of communication is not always successful o Source inadequately transforms idea into effective sets of symbols o Properly encoded message sent through wrong channel o Receiver does not properly transform symbols into intended messageSender receiver must have a mutually shares field of experience understandingknowledgeFeedback flow of info to source indicating whether message was decodedunderstoodResponse impact message has on receivers knowledge attitude or behaviourFeedback loop process through communication responsefeedback
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