Chapter 3 - Consumer Behaviour

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brien

Chapter 3Consumer Behaviour Consumer Purchase Decision Process Consumer behaviouractions a person takes when purchasing and using products and services The purchase decision processthe stages that a buyer passes through when making choices about which productsservices to buy There are 5 stages 1 Problem recognition perceiving a need y occurs when person realizes that the difference between what he or she has and what he or she would like to have is big enough to actually do something about 2 Information search seeking value y they scan their memory for knowledge or previous experience with products called internal search y may rely on external search Primary sources are personal sources public sources and marketerdominated sources 3 Evaluation of alternatives assessing value y Evaluative criteria representing both the objective attributes of a brand eg sound quality and the subjective ones such as prestige y Your evoked setthe group of brands a consumer would consider acceptable from among all brands in the product class he is aware of 4 Purchase decision buying value y three choices remain the chosen brand from whom to buy and when to buy 5 Postpurchase behaviour value in consumption or use y satisfaction and dissatisfaction affects consumer communications and repeatpurchase behaviour y should I have purchased the iPod instead of the Sony WalkmanThis feeling of postpurchase psychological tension or anxiety is called cognitive dissonance Involvementpersonal social and economical significance of a purchase to the consumerhighinvolvement purchases typically have at least one of three characteristicsitem to be purchased is expensiveit can have serious personal consequencesit could reflect on ones social imageProblem Solving Variations1 Routine Problem Solving low consumer involvementproducts like table salt and milk little effort seeking external info and evaluating alternatives
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