Civil Aviation

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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 1022F/G
Suzanne Kearns

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Chapter 2 Civil Aviation refers to entire aviation industry except for military aviationGeneral Aviationnd Canada 2 largest civil aircraft fleet worldwide 29 064 fixedwing2 505 rotary wing80 operate within GA sector GA all air operations that take place outside militaryairlineCanadian Owners and Pilots Association COPA 1952 nonprofit org formed to rep interests of personal aviation GA sector in which pilots fly for personal travelrec raise awareness of issues that impact flying community promote safety thru education lower cost of flying1952 4560 non PPL 2025 CPL 1294 Commercial aircraft 966 private aircraft2008 2 non PPL 1 CPL 64 542 licensed pilots 39 944 non commercialGeneral Aviation SectorsFlight Training across Canada 388 flight training units trainingexperience recorded in pilot log book starting from first training flight PPR daylight hr flight in fair weather conditions no more than 1 passengerPPL flight for recreation while building hrs towards higher lvl license cannot fly for hireCPL fly for hirestart off as bush pilot or flight instructor bush pilot usually req float rating50 hrs experience flight instructor must get instructor ratingATPL after 25 yr exp as bushinstructor allowance to work as airline pilot annual recurrent trainingratings to be addedMPL new allows person to be copilot on multiengine transport aircraft in VFRIFR flight cond thupon 15 yr training pilot will be flying passenger jetPersonal Aviation flights conducted for transportationrecreational purpose wo any financial remunerationVery Light Jets VLJs jet aircraft weighing 10 000 lbs MTOWcert for single pilot ops
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