Human Factors

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1022F/G
Suzanne Kearns

Chapter 7 Human Factors human factors study of all aspects of human beings w purpose of maximizing job performance draws fm ergonomics physiology psychology engineering management educationborn out of necessity during WWII demand for aviators to fight in war grewresearch how to trainpilots in less timedesign easier to fly aircraftIllness Ask yourself Am I sick aviation is a macho culture pilots encouraged to tough it outuntreated cold reduce reaction time by 57impair performance to same extent as couple beersmaintain healthy lifestyle maintaining healthy diet exercising regularly macho culturemental illness pilots tend to score around 0 on psychological questionnairespilots greater risk to depression anxiety stressphobias bc demanding work travel training schedmost airlines provide 24hr psychiatric hotline in case help needed pilots encouraged to callif impact psychological state by personalprofessional situationsMedication Have I taken any prescriptionOTC meds Have I discussed these meds with my AME pilots sometimes choose to selfdiagnose minor illnessselfmedicate w OTC drugs fear lose aviation medical certificate if visit AMEappx 10 all accidents over 10yr period pilots held potentially disqualifying med condselfmeddalways speak w AME before taking medssome OTC decrease visualauditory perception impair judgment reduce practical flying skillsStress Am I being influenced by any stress Job family financial or health related environmental stresses temperature noise lighting levelpsychological stresses fear anxiety peer pressure stress impact ability to concentrate on tasksimportant to be aware of how you respond to stressful situations understand reactions recognize amt of stress experienced develop coping strategies iedistraction breathing exercises visualization exerciseAlcohol Has it been 8 hrs since I last consumed alcohol Has it been 24 HoursCARS 60203 No personal shall act as a crew member of an aircraft A within 8 hours after consuming an alcoholic beverage B while underer the influence of alcohol or C while using any drug that impairs the persons faculties to the extent that the safety of the aircraft or of persons on board the aircraft is endangered in any way 8 hours from bottle to throttle last alcoholic drink must be finished 8 hrs prior to flightmake sure youre not intoxicated even though its been 8 hrs fm bottle to throttle dont be hungoverDONT DO DRUGS Including OTC meds check w AME before using meds during piloting activities
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