Accident Investigation and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1022F/G
Suzanne Kearns

Chapter 8 Accident Investigation and the Transportation Safety Board of CanadaHistory and Organization of the TSB Mar 29 1990 Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act came into place responsible for creation of Transportation Safety Board TSB independent agency responsible for investigating marine pipeline railway aviation transport occurrences sole purpose to advance transport safety in Canada reports to Parliament via President of Queens Privy Council for Canada headed by Chairpersonup to 4 board members head office Gatineau Quebecengineering lab Ottawa Ontario 13 of 230 employees located in fieldregional offices across Canada allows for rapid responseThe mandate of the TSB is to Advance Safety in the marine pipeline rail and air modes of transportation by1Conducting independent investigations including public inquiries when necessary into selected transportation occurrences in order to make findings as to their causes and contributing factors2Identifying safety deficiencies as evidences by transportation occurrences3Making recommendations designed to eliminate or reduce any such safety deficiencies4Reporting publicly on our investigations and on the findings relation thereto TSB independentfree from potential conflicts of interest in investigating process to instill confidence in public regarding transportation accident investigation process may work in cooperation w TC RCMP DND independence allows for complete objectivity in development of findings as to what caused an accidentsafety recommendations purpose of TSBs investigative work is to determine what causedcontributed to accident
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