Safety Management Systems

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1022F/G
Suzanne Kearns

Chapter 10 Safety Management Systems ICAO Safety is the state in which the possibility of harm to persons or of property damage is reducedto and maintained at or below an acceptable level through a continuing process of hazardidentification and safety risk managementaviation safety identify problemfix to avoid future accidentsrepeatsafety management systems proactivepredictive safety systemSafety PerspectivesSMS requires adoption of an organizational safety perspective within the industryorganization perspective responsibility for safety does not rest solely on pilotstructural strength onaircraft but rather that all elements of organization are able to improvediminish safety mechanical investigation identify riskyfaulty componentsreplace components on other modelsenvironmental avoid dangerous weather conditionsdevelopment of effective onboard weatherradarantiicing systems environmental approach does not account for CFIT on brightsunny daysocial examine social dynamics within flight crews to determine when risksmistakes occur crew training offered to teach pilots how to avoid mistakes CRMmedical accidents may result as result of medical deficiencies in pilots physiologymaintain pilot medical certificatespsychological accidents as a result of human thinking new avionics integrated that provide pilot w enhanced display of external terrain reducemental workloadincrease situation awareness ergonomics 1990s promoted by ICAO viewing safety as result of interaction among humansmachines workplaceSHELL software hardware environment liveware pilot liveware other people software operational context ie standard op procedureschecklistssymbolsregulations hardware pilots physical environment ie cockpitcontrolsmachineryseatsmaintenance environmental social environmentexternal environment liveware pilots peoplesee how factor in SHELL model could contribute todiminish level of safety
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