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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1023A/B
Maria Ferraro

[_S\`W^Ŷ[`W_ [ZUW\`aS ^S Wc[^[XUU[aZ`ZY °n½ff¯ €nn°°–ť–¾n¾°¾f f½¾°°€°f°nf¾f¯°¾ţ f°ff¾€½°–n°¯n°¾ţf°f½½½ff¾€n¯¯°nf°– ¾°€¯f° O °¾¾ f¾°–¾f°f¾f°½fn¾¾fnff°n°¾¾° O ,f¾½¾¾ ¾½°n°¾¾¾ O °nf¾¾ f°nţ€f €½¾°f°ţn¯½ff ţf°°¾f° € €°f°nf½°–¾¾ O rf¾€¯f°¾n°¾ 4 @ ©n€€°f°nf½°– 4 @ ffn ffn¾n¾€fnn°°–°€¯f° 4 @ ¯°¾€€°f°nf¾f¯°¾ 4 ån–°°f°¯f¾¯°nf @©n€°f°nf½°–ť½°€¯f° f¾¾€°f¾ f¯f°– °¾¯°f°nn¾°¾ O °¾¾f°n¾f ¯f°°f¾¾€€°f°nf°€¯f°Ť °€¯f° f ¾¾¾–°f¯¾ °¾€ ¾¾ O °f°nf½°–¾ ½°€¯f°f f¯°¾ţ¯°–ţf°°nf°€ €nf¾ €¾ţn°¯n¾n¾f¾¾¾ţf°nf¯¾ ¾¾n¾f ¾f° ;ffffn¾n¾€nn°°–°€¯f°ť°€¯f°¾ f ¾ff n ffn¾n¾ť Ŧ åf°n 4 €fnn°°–°€¯f° f¾f°n¯ff€€°n° ¾¾ n¾°¾ 4 r½¾¾¾¯f½n°¾f ½°f€€¾€½f¾ţ½¾°€ f°¾fn°¾ °¾Ŧ@ €¾f f½nf 4 r½¾ ¾¾n°€¯nn ½¾½nf°¾Ť€fnf 4 fnn°°–°€¯f° f° f¾ ¯ťfff n¾° ¯f°– €¾¾¾f °€°n n¾°¾ !Ŧ f €½¾°f° 4 ,f°°–°€¯f°¯¾½¾° n°¯n¾ ¾f°n€ff°¾fn°ţ°©¾¾ –f€¯ 4 ¾¯f°¾ °€¯f°¯¾ €f ţ°ff°n¯½ 4 I€fť¯½½°– ¾f¯°€¯f°f°¾°– ¾f¯ ¯ fn ¾f¯¾¾¾¯fn°n¾°¾ 4 °fť f ¾°n€ f¾ "Ŧ ¯½ff 4 J °n¯½f°¾ ¾¯fnn¯¾f°n¾¾ ¾f¯fnn°°–¾f°f¾ 4 °f ¾¾¾°€ ¾¯f¾f°€€°n¾ °n¯½f°¾ 4 °¾¾°nťfn¯½f°¾¾ ¾f¯fnn°°–f¯°€¾¯f°¾€¯ ff #Ŧ D°¾f°f 4 ¾¾¯¾ f °¾f°°€¯f°°€°f°nf¾f¯°¾ 4 @ ff–¾¾f¾¾¯ fff¾°f °¾f°°–€fnn°°– n°n½¾f°½n¾ţf¾f¾€–°f ¾°¾¾f°n°¯nn°°¾ ¯°¾€°f°nff¯°¾ť€°°€f¾¾¾ţf ¾ţţ°¾ţf°½°¾¾ n–°°f°,f¾¯°f ¾¾¯½°¾ť O ff€°f°€ fnn°°–½n¾¾ O 9°n½¾°nf °¾¾ n O f¾¾¯½°¾– °n°–°$°nf° ¯f¾n°¯n°¾ 4 ,°fD°¾¾¯½° ± å¾ f° ¾ °–¾nf° ½¾¾°¯° °n° fnn°°–n¾ ± ¾¾¯¾ f °€¯f¾¯f°¾¾f ¯ ± @ €€n¾€°€f°€f°ff¾¾¯ ¯°f°f € –° 4 n°¯n°¾¾¯½
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