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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1023A/B
Maria Ferraro

[`W_ Y ŵŶŶŴź[b ŵź O f¾ťn°fn¾ ° ½f¾f f°f¾fff½nf°f f°¾½n€n¯f¾ 4 Œ¯½f°n€f¾n ¾¾°€½°¾¾° ¯f°f–°–°¾¯°¾ èZ`^[VaU`[Z`[\`[Z_ O Œ°¾¾nf°½ nf¾¾n ¾½¾°°–fnf¯Ŵf°½°Ŵ°f½fn f– ½€¾n¾ 4 @¾½°–¾–n¾f¾€¾n °¾½n€ n°°¾ 4 ·½°°°n¾f°€°° n¾°– O °°¾nf°¾¯½ f°¾ f¾n ¾ 4 ü Ŵf¾n¾ť¾n ¾ff ° °½f f°–fnf¯° °°–n¯¯°¾n O f°¾¾¾¾ ½°°€€°n °½ nf¾½nf°¾f¾½n \`[Z_S_U_ O ·½°¾ťnf¯¾f––ţ °–f°ţ ¾f¾f ° ¯€¾f¾€¾n °f¾½n€½n O ‘fťf°½°f–¾–ţ°–f°ţ f¾½n€° ¯ €¾f¾€¾nff¾f½n °f¾½n€½ O 9ťf°½°f–¾–ţ °–f°ţ¾f¾½n€° ¯ €¾f¾€¾nff¾f½n °f¾½n€½ †\`[Z_ S^W`_ Ŧ 9 ¾f°nf¾½f°½½ °¾fff°¾¾ţ¯f°–fff¾Ŵ ° n¯°f°¾f ¾ ¯½¾¾f¯½¾Ŵ °nffn¾n¾ €f½€ Ŧ Œ°nf¾€nf¾ţf°°¾nf°n°€f¾½fnf¯° °°– n¯¯°¾n€f¯ n¾¯f°¾¯°f° ¾n¾€ŦŒ°nf¾ €½ ¾ţf°°¾nf° ½nff¾¾f f¯f–°fnn °f°ff¯¾n¾° f°f €¾nŦ@½° ¾¯f¯ ¯¾¾¾° °°ff°nŦŒ€f° ½°½¾ ¾¾ţ¯¾ nf°¾€n¾€½°Ŧ Ŧ ·½°¾½f–¯f–°€°–½n°f––f°¾°f° °–¾ ¾°– °°–¾nŦ·½°¾nf°½–ff–½°ff°€ ¯f–° ¾nf°¾fn°¾Ŧ !Ŧ D¾°–½°¾°f¯f°nf°f f°°¾½fn½f°¯f¯¯°¾ f¾°–f°–n¾° ZVW^_`SZVZY\`[Z_ O ün¾¾9nť½Ŵ¾f½nf nn¯¯°¾n¯f½ nf¾¾€¯ °nf¾€fnf¾°nf¾€f½ f 4 ,¾ffff¾f€€°n¾½n¾–°–°¾¾fnn O ü½f°fťf° n½°½¾ O ·½°½¯¯ť½n½f½° ¾ €½° O M°–Ŵ@¯·½°¾Mü9¾ť½°¾f°° f¾n¾ ¯f ¾–ff°°f ë[c\`[Z_†[^ O §¾ ¾f°¾¾ţ° f¾°¾ °¾ţ ¾½€€¯ €¾f °°–¾n¾½n½€¯f°nţ© ¾f¾ ¾ O @ f°¾f½nf°¾ť 4 @nf ½n¾½n€¾n¯f° –¾f½f½¾¯ ° 4 @nf ½n¾½n€¾n¯ ½ ff°f¾° 4 @½ ½n¾½n€¾n¯f° –¾f½f½¾¯ ½ 4 @½ ½n¾½n€¾n¯ °f°f¾° W WUSZU_[X^SVZY W\`[ZUSZYW_ O ,¾nf°–¾ ½°¾f¯nf°¾ţ nnf°n¾ff°¯ ½ f°°n °–½f°f O Œ°½°¾f°ŴŴn °·@½°¾f½nf% ½f°ţ n¯f°¾nf° °n¾°½f°f 4 ·½°¾nf° –¾ –f°nf°–€fn½fff°– O @½°¾¯f¾½ €°¾¾ O Œ°¾¾° fnf°°¾ n ¾ °¾ff½n ¾€n¾€¾ ½½f°¯f° O M ½¯¾fn¯ť 4 ·€€°–¾f°f&½°n°fn¾ 4 ñf°–ff°¾fn°¾– ff°fnf°–n½f°ţ €€nn¯¾ f°¾€fn½°n°fn O €nf¾½¾°°– °¾½° ¾€½ ¾f°nf¾ O @n¾€f° ½°¾¾° ¾°¾¾f¾ţ¾f¯f¾ f¾nf°¾fn° WWS^ZY[^\[^S`[Z O ‘f°ff°f¾‘f°–‘½f°‘‘‘ťnf°–n½f°f¾¾ ¾f° – ff°¾f ţ°ţf°¾n°½¾°¾°½°nf°–¾°f°ff O Œ°D§ţf¾½°¾fnf –·½°¾f°–½f°· 4 %n¾°½°¾f°–°nf°–¾¾fnn¯½¾¾ ¯°–f°n¾ °nnf°–n½f° 4 @nf°–n½f°°f¾¾–°¾n¾°nf¯¯€¯ţ n° f¾¾–°¾°€¾fnn °¾ O f°–n½f°¾½€¯f° ¯€¯½f°€ °n°¾fn° ¾ nn¾¾€ ¾n°f¯f€½°¾ O °n°f¾°¯f¾ °¾½¾°°– ¾f° ¾ O ·°n¾½¾°°– f°¾°–f½n°€€ nf°–ţ°°–f fn · O @n¯ €¾f°¾€ O ·½°¾nf°½ nf¾°¯f–°ţf° ¾¯ ¾½f''Ʒ€½ nf¾½n \`[Z_S^SU`W^_`U_ O Œ€½n€n¯¯°¾nţ§ţn¾n¾½n€fnfţ%ţnf¾¾f° ¯°f°f¾f°¯¯fn¾ff O Œ€½n€n¯¯°¾¾¾f°n¾½n€fnf¾¾f € ¯° O f¾ff°f¯°f¾ n¾½n¾¾––ff°n °¯f ½nţ f¾nf¾ff¯°f¾ n¾½n¾ f¾n½n èZ`^Z_USaW_ O Œ°°¾nf½°ťf €f°½°
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