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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Victoria Digby

Ch 16 Terms – Org Change, Development, Innovation Unfreezing: the recognition that some current Institutionalize a change: change becomes a state of affairs is unsatisfactory permanent part of the organization system, a social e.g. realizing the current organization structure is fact that persists over time despite possible ineffective turnover by members who originally experienced the change change: implementing a program or planning to move the organization or its members to a more Planned Organizational Change satisfactory state e.g. revising a hiring procedure or providing Organizational development: a planned, ongoing employee empowerment within workforce effort to change organizations to be more effective and more human by using knowledge of behavioral refreezing: the condition that exists when newly science to foster a culture that contains self- developed behaviours, attitudes, or structures examination and readiness for change become an enduring part of the organization organization learning: the process through which Specific Organizational Development Strategies an organization acquires, develops, and transfers knowledge throughout the organization Team building: aimed to increase work team’s knowledge acquisition: first step of learning effectiveness by improving members’s interpersonal processes, goal & role clarification process for a learning organization where it involves getting external knowledge through acquisition, distribution and interpretation of it Survey feedback: collection of data from organizational members and provision of feedback knowledge development: 2 step, creating new about the results knowledge through dialogue/interaction from members & experience being shared (a way to Total quality management: a systematic attempt distribute knowledge) to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of an organization’s products/services learning organization: an organization that has Reengineering: the fundamental redesign of work systems & processes for creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge to modify & change its activities that create customer value to achieve behaviour to reflect new knowledge and insights; time, cost, quality, service; e.g. streamlining the organization change is more likely to occur for this paym
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