Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B Chapter 5: Chapter 5

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Kyle Cameron

Mos 2181 chapter 5 Ch5.1 Job satisfaction: one of several individual mechanisms within our integrative model that directly affect job performance and organizational commitment. High job satisfaction = positive feeleg. Canada Corporate culture, the opportunity to use skills, the opportunity to learn and be creative is top drivers. Financial rewards and benefits flexible work hours were among the leastcited reasons. Ch5.2 Employees are satisfied when their job provides the things they value, which people consciously or unconsciously want to seek or attain. Categories of common work values: pay, promotions, supervision, coworkers, the work itself, altruism, status, environment. Value fulfillment Value percept theory: job satisfaction depends on whether you perceive that your job supplies the things that you value. Equation: dissatisfaction=wantVhave x (importance V havehow much value the job supplies, importancew important the value is to the employees. The difference between want and have create a sense of dissatisfaction, the existing discrepancies get magnified for important values. Ch5.3 All based on ones wants and have. Pay satisfaction: employeesfeeling about their pay, including whether it is as much as they deserve, secure, and adequate for both normal expenses and luxury items. Moderately strong relationship. Promotion satisfaction: employees feeling about the companys promotion policies and their execution, including whether promotions are frequent, fair and based on ability. Moderately strong relationship. Some employees may not like frequent promotions, meaning more responsibility.
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