Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B Chapter 3: Chapter 3

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Kyle Cameron

Mos 2181 chapter 3 Ch3.1 It is important to be able to retain those employees for long periods of time so that the organization can benefit from their efforts. Organizational commitment: an employees desire to remain a member of an organization. This influence whether an employee is retained, or turns over to another job. Withdrawal behavior: employee actions that are intended to avoid work situations, behaviors that may eventually culminate I quitting the organization. The relationship between commitment and withdrawal. Ch3.2 Forms of commitment: to identify these, ask yourself what do you feel if you left the organization. Affective commitment: an employees desire to remain a member of an organization due to a feeling of emotional attachment or involvement with the organization. You stay because you want to. This kind of employees tend to engage in more interpersonal and organizational citizenship behavior, such as helping, and sportsmanship Shown from the Mataanalysis, revealed a moderately strong correlation between affective commitment and citizenship behavior. Erosion model: employees with fewer bonds (connections) with coworkers are more likely to quit the organization. Less emotional attachment to work colleagues. Social influence model: employees with direct linkages to coworkers who leave the organization will themselves be more likely to leave. The damage if the central figure in the network becomes unhappy with the organization. Continuance commitment: remain due to an awareness of costs of leaving. Eg. Issues of salary, benefits concerns about uprooting a family. You stay because you have to. People would feel a sense of anxiety. The company would be difficult to change the organizations (high of continuance commitment) because the steep penalties associated with the switch. cost
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