MOS 2181 OB Detailed Textbook Notes Chapter 4

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Hayden Woodley

1Chapter 4 Values Attitudes and Work BehaviourLoreal Canada MTLs LOreal group Canada subsidiary of French group three generations in a single workplace Gen Y Population most recent in workplace boomer generation X and generation Y coping with the winds of change blown by younger generation earlier generations go into meetings observe hardly speak Gen Y candid about participation a lot freer caused Generational Shock program to valorize generational differences Gen Y already received a lot of attention from goal was every group understood each other Ys happy to learn why boomers were conservative500 employees reveal the values of each generation each generation if more rebellious than the one before and always wants to change theworld ie security for post war generation Traditionalists security means savings baby boomers security was pension plan Generation X came from saturated market and had to fight for jobs security was having a strong resume not as much community feel because of the competitive and tight workplaceconditions Generation Y do not understand securityhave a safety net parents self importance and loyalty greater sense of community work is a continuum from university community and friendshipmom and dad are working fewer siblings previous generations career focused and results focused start t bottom and work themselves up this generationwont responsibility early on rapid success validation autonomy have difficulties managing priorities lack politics savvy but practise freedom of speech great tolerance about religion race nationality quick to pass judgement on competency of their boss2 course has been huge success Gen Ys are now managing baby boomers and Gen Xs Yes most of them are children of boomers Xs had to fight more waiting for YOU to get out boomers are not threatened by Xsthey teach Ys demonstrates how generational differences in values and work attitudes affect workplacebehaviourWhat are Values value A Broad tendency to prefer certain states of affairs over others preference aspectwhat we consider good and bad are motivational signal attractive aspects of our environments an unattractive seekavoid Broad tendency values are general do not predict behaviour in specific situations knowing a person generally embraces the values that support capitalism does not tell ushow they will respond to homeless person on street Vs are structured around achievement power autonomy conformity tradition and socialwelfare managersvalue high productivity union officials enlightened supervision and full employmentsocial values learn values through reinforcement process by parentsteachers and representatives of religionGeneral Differences in Values Traditionalists19221945 8 of workforce Assets hard working stable loyal thorough detail oriented focused emotional maturityLeadership style fair consistent clear direct respectful grew up under shadows of two wars stereotype respectful of authority and having high work ethic Baby Boomers 19461964 44 of workforce Assets team perspective dedicated experienced knowledgeable service oriented Leadership STyle treat as equals warm and caring mission defined democraticapproach vibrant economy rock and roll sexual revolution optimistic workaholicsStereotype Generation X 19651980 34 A independent adaptable creative techno literate willing to challenge status quo LS direct competent genuine informal flexible results oriented supportive of learningopportunities
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