chapter 4 - values, attitudes, and work behaviour

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Tony Francolini

Chapter 4Values Attitudes and Work Behaviour LOreal Canada has to deal with the difference in generations that work for themUnderstanding the differences between different age groupsAttitudes affect workplace behaviour What are ValuesValues a broad tendency to prefer certain states of affairs over others Values are motivational Generational Differences in ValuesAffects leadership styles and assets to the workforceCultural Differences in ValuesWork centralityoDifferent countries value work as different levels of importanceHofstedes StudyoSurveyed people who worked for IBM all over the world oFound four basic dimensions along which workrelated values differed across culturesPower distanceextent to which an unequal distribution of power is accepted by society members Large power distanceinequali
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