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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B
Cristin Keller

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 9. no you cannot  10. if an acceptance is sent via email, when is it effective? When it is communicated  11. when it’s put in the mailbox. Does that happen before or after the luncheon? Because when does the offer is accepted at the luncheon?  when it is communicated  11. can you revoke an offer? Yes as long as it hasn’t been accepted  * you can only sue if it was a breach of contract. Can’t sue someone who has given you a gift.  12 and 13 are both examples of promisory estoppel   PROMISORY ESTOPPEL ON THE EXAM****   Mistake – One or both parties made mistakes  no consensus   A. one party makes mistake (unilateral mistake)   GENERAL RULE: (99 percent there is no remedy)  Caveat emptor “Let the buyer beware”  REMEDY:  = No remedy  General rule is that there is no remedy because you are responsible to check into it yourself   Exception: Types of Misrepresentation (false statement of fact, induced me to contract)  1. fraudulent  lie  they lied to you they know it was a lie.  Remedy: rescission; tort action   Rescission (equitable remedy)  will resend the contract  only available if:  1. victim has clean hands  if you really did not know  2. contract not affirmed  3. possible to restore (not damaged/destroyed) 
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