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Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B

Business Law Chapter 1 readings - Sophisticated client o Understands the role of the lawyer and of the client - Role of the Lawyer o The client is the decision maker o Solicitor – client privilege  Duty of the lawyer to keep the information provided by the client conficential - When to hire a lawyer o Opening a business o Buying businesses or property or contracts - When to represent yourself o When the stakes are low o When your probability of winning is greater at low chances of loosing - How to find a good lawyer o Referrals from friends or relatives o Data bases o Lawyers are very specialized making sure you have a lawyer in the right field of practice is key o Provincial Law society o Meet with the lawyer o Basis of decision on trust between you and the lawyer - Legal Aid o Legal services provided for people who either cannot afford it or are entitled to it. o Not everyone qualifies for legal aid, and even then some who do, sometimes have to pay portions of the legal aid back eventually o For example, legal aid in Ontario covers  Criminal charges  Family courts  Or immigration courts  Mental health issues o Duty Counsel  Are court lawers who assist individuals who are not represented by
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